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Overdraft Services

Overdraft Services

We offer 3 methods of automatic overdraft protection, OOPS!, Automatic Transfer, and Line of Credit just in case you accidentally overdraw your checking account.

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1. OOPS!
  • Easy to qualify
  • Maximum overdraft limit of $800 including overdraft fees
  • $30 overdraft fee per item (maximum 3 per business day)
  • No overdraft fee for transactions less than $5 that may overdraw your account
  • Avoids merchant charges on bounced checks
  • Whether your overdrafts will be paid is discretionary and we reserve the right not to pay
  • The amounts of any overdrafts, including fees, are due and payable immediately

Important Information:

  • Qualifying accounts are automatically enrolled for payment of checks, recurring debit transactions, and some electronic transactions, i.e. direct debits.
  • Your consent (opt-in) is required for authorization of ATM and everyday debit card transactions that may overdraw your account.

Opt-In for ATM/Everyday Debit Card Transactions

Federal Reserve Consumer Overdraft Rules

Money Management Tips for Your Checking Account

Revocation of Opt-In

2. Automatic Transfer
  • Funds are automatically transferred from your designated checking or savings account(s)
  • Can cover overdrafts up to your available balance
  • Federal regulations limit a total of six transfers per statement cycle on savings accounts
  • No interest charged, no credit required
  • $5 fee per occurrence

How to qualify:

  • Open an FSB checking or savings account
  • Designate the account as your overdraft transfer account
3. Line of Credit
  • Funds are automatically transferred from your personal line of credit
  • Pay interest only on amount used
  • Credit lines available from $1,000 ($500 increments)

How to qualify:

  • Apply for a personal line of credit
  • Quick approval process

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